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      Curbside Pickup Instructions

      How to Order
      When you place your order online, there are two separate times where you must click the blue Checkout button (Both appear before any payment is made). On that screen you will see Delivery method. The first bubble will say Ship. Click the second bubble which reads Pickup. Our warehouse address will appear, and your shipping charges will update to $0.00.

      If you do not see the second choice bubble which reads Pickup, it means that your item is not in-stock at our warehouse location. We cannot offer curbside pickup on those items. (Those items are already in-stock at one of our brick-and-mortar retail locations and cannot be tracked for Curbside pickup at this time).

      Lead Time
      Curbside pickup orders take 2-4 working days to fulfill. If you need a faster turnaround time, please e-mail us at

      Confirmation e-mail
      When your order is ready for pickup, you will receive an e-mail which tells you that Your Web Order #XXXX is ready for pickup.

      Pickup Hours

      Pickup Location
      240 North Milwaukee Street
      Milwaukee, WI 53202
      Southeast corner of Milwaukee Street and East Buffalo Street
      Paved black surface lot (not parking structure) immediately South of our building

      Paved black surface lot (not parking structure) immediately South of our building
      Park in Spot #7 (if it's taken, take any other open spot)

      When you arrive
      Text us that you're here: 414-405-3017
      Tell us your Order #, Car Color and Parking Spot # 
      We will run your order down to you. No need to leave your car!

      If you have any complications regarding your Curbside Pickup order, you can contact us in these additional ways:

      Jonathan Tassone
      Website Fulfillment Manager

      Carla Moriarity
      Retail Operations

      Time Limit
      Once receiving the e-mail stating that your order is ready for pickup, you have one week to pick up your order. After that date, we will ship your order with applicable shipping charges. 

      Overhead Map